To a degree all organisations struggle to attract and retain competent managers. Many are initially promoted for their competence in a technical specialism rather than their people skills. Within this environment HR departments are challenged to provide the right level of support and learning to up skill their managers people skills.

Teaching the task based piece of the jigsaw is the easy bit, the difficulty is finding someone to coach the softer skills. Ron does this brilliantly. His mix of one to one coaching, online profiling tools and workshop sessions produce inspiring results for managers at all levels of the organisation.

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James Glover, HR Director, Trinity Hospice

Ron has been an invaluable resource to individuals and teams at Trinity Hospice over the past year.

His work with senior managers using PDA psychometric tests, individual and team sessions and behavioural models has helped strengthen our understanding of ourselves and of each other. His approachable style makes staff feel comfortable and confident with him, and his insight has assisted us in exploring challenging human resource and staff relationship issues.

Individuals have developed strategies with him to improve their performance and their contribution to the hospice, and we look forward to using his skills in future strategic work and staff recruitment and retention

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Dallas Pounds, Chief Executive Officer, Trinity Hospice

Ron has been working with the senior management team at Trinity Hospice since early 2014.
He has facilitated psychometric testing for the new senior management team and has provided invaluable coaching support on a 1:1 basis with the Chief Executive and HR Director, and now other senior colleagues.
Ron is not afraid to tackle the big issues within and between teams, and his coaching has enabled us to develop concrete and practical strategies for managing a range of issues associated with organisational change. We are thrilled to have him working with us.

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Clare Montagu, Chief Operating Officer, Trinity Hospice

Ron is a master of helping individuals to recognise their strength and weaknesses by arriving at conclusions themselves.

His ability to unthreateningly dig beneath the surface in a short space of time in order to understand individuals actions, habits and behaviours is extremely clever; this is used to define objectives and actions using professional tools and a wealth of experience in psychometrics to shape, enhance, polish or change the way in which one conducts themselves for the better

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Sandy McKenzie, Partner, The McLean Partnership