Ron has worked closely with the Managing Director and myself as a Partner to develop our general management skills, personal perspective and individual motivations using PDA profiling. The results of Ron’s work are clearly demonstrated over a 6-month period with profound developments to our business operations model and personal approach to business areas and people management.

Ron’s approach was to hold three meetings; first, to get to understand one another’s no personal motivations; second to discuss results of the PDA psychometric test, building in observations from the first meeting; and third to define objectives and actions based on what we had learnt.

Ron is a master of helping individuals to recognise their strength and weaknesses by arriving at conclusions themselves. His ability to unthreateningly dig beneath the surface in a short space of time in order to understand individual’s actions, habits and behaviours is extremely clever; this is used to define objectives and actions using professional tools and a wealth of experience in psychometrics to shape, enhance, polish or change the way in which one conducts themselves for the better.

His dual coaching of individuals who work together or report to on another is particularly impressive by understanding two personalities and how to get the best from each. I have the highest praise for Ron and the coaching he has provided to myself and the business. I would happily recommend Ron to any company looking to take their business and people to the next level.”

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