clarity certainty imageThe body responds to what the subconscious mind is telling it.

Ways to feel good:

  1. Walk tall, imaging a steel rod going up your spins and up the back of your neck. It is impossible to feel bad in this position, you’ll feel powerful.
  2. Smile, it not only affects the physiology of your face, it lightens your whole mood
  3. Breathe deeply, fill the diaphragm, it relaxes you instantly
  4. Recall great experiences, when you were incredibly happy or felt very successful, the body will replicate those feelings
  5. Engage with others, enjoy their company, let their good feelings wash over you
  1. Try a random act of kindness, you’ll feel a lot better for the reaction you get
  1. Dress in clothes to suit your intended mood, smart or bright or comfortable whatever will create the desired feeling




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