Awareness:  Tuning into emotional data.

Management:  Responding intentionally.

Direction:  Leading purposefully.

Emotional Intelligence is simply defined as the ability to balance rational thought to emotionality.

The brain has a left side, which controls rational thought, and a right side which controls emotions. It is common in most people that one predominates over the other through inherent patterns of thinking to respond to situations. You can take action to change your thinking. Emotionally intelligent people have a balance between them that allows them high levels of self-control.

So, if there is a situation that has angered, or frustrated or bitterly disappointed you:

  • Engage rational thought: what’s really going on here? Why am I reacting this way? Is it helping the situation? Is it making me feel bad?
  • Once this rational process takes place, studies have shown it takes only 6 seconds for the mind to calm

Reflect on emotional situations, how would on reflection you judge your response?




If it’s the last 2, was that helpful to the situation?

How is your mood affecting others? Is your mood exacerbating the situation?

Honest reflective thought can create a self-awareness that allows your brain to identify when a similar situation may be about to happen again. The greater your emotional intelligence the more you will have an inner process that will deal with effectively.



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