Part 2 – Beliefs and Attitudes

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Each step of the chain is inextricably linked, and I guarantee you will begin to understand yourself better once you inwardly reflect on each of these steps.

There are many complex relationships between the attitudes you hold in life and how you express them.

i.e. The external manifestation of your attitudes that other people can notice and observe is what we call behaviour.

Behaviours almost always reflect your firmly held attitudes and beliefs, but they can be confused by social factors.

For instance, you may have a belief that drinking too much causes you pain and a loss of control. But in certain social situations there may well be pressure to conform to peer group attitudes where excessive drinking is regarded as fun.

How do you resolve this in your mind? Do you give in and drink a lot? Or resist and be true to your core beliefs?

Attitude and Behaviour are woven into the fabric of daily life.

Research has shown that people register an immediate and automatic reaction of “good” or “bad” towards everything they encounter in less than a second.

Advertising and political campaigns are built on this premise that behaviour follows attitude, and attitude can be influenced with the right message delivered in the right way.

So attitude can be defined as something that is learned that can allow you to respond favourably or unfavourably to anything or anybody.

Everyone sees the world differently.

To some, the world is a hostile place full of people out to do you down. That attitude harbours a belief that to survive you must defend yourself at all times.

What behaviours would you notice in someone who believes that?

To others, the world is a friendly place, full of kind, decent, honest people.

I might therefore believe that I can be as open, honest, trusting, and approachable as I wish to be.

That would also be very noticeable in my behaviour and how other people respond to me.

So to people who might want to change their behaviour, the message is clear – know what attitudes are driving your current behaviour and evaluate if those beliefs are holding you back.

The more CLARITY you have about your behaviour, the more CERTAIN you will be to get the outcome you desire.

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