3 Ways to Wire Your Brain Patterns

Some memories fade as time passes. How we remember events, people and circumstances changes.

How many times have you told yourself :-

*   “I can never do that” or

*   “I tried that once, but it’s not for me”

*   “That looks so difficult”

So that memory has got planted in your brain, and the more times you think of that experience, the more you are wiring your brain to remind you of the negative thoughts that you had!

Research shows that we have more control over what goes on in our brains than we think we do. We can wire our brains for success, and create a brain pattern that works for us.

Here’s how:

  1. Create strong good memories.Studies show that we don’t remember events exactly as they happened.Instead, we change, recreate and re-memorize an event every time we think about it.

    The connections between the neurons in our brains are being rewired, essentially building a new memory.

    You can edit your bad memories so they don’t hold you back and your good memories to propel you forward.

    Think of your good memories in large technicolor, surround sound and 3D to cement and intensify the positive feelings in your mind.

    They then become drivers of your behaviour.

  2. Exercise your brain.We’re good at recognizing patterns and tend to look for information that supports what we already believe to be true.

    This can be positive but it comes with a limitation as well.You can miss information such as new opportunities and alternative options when you continue to think the way you always have.A way around this is to train your brain to think differently.

    Doing daily brain exercises such as brain teasers and games will boost brain activity allowing your thinking to expand making you more successful.

    I’m currently reading the book THINKERTOYS, a handbook of creative-thinking techniques, which was listed as a recommended read for entrepreneurs in 2015. It’s chock full of exercises to change the way you think and has application for every profession.

  3. Control what do you allow into the RAS portal.Every brain has a RAS portal or Reticular Activating System portal.

    This is the “door” through which information enters the brain effecting what you pay attention to. It’s a gatekeeper deciding what is going to gain access to the rest of your brain.

    Using this information to your advantage, you should concentrate your thoughts on what you want. You will begin to notice yourself in places, with people and opportunities that will make those thoughts a reality.It’s a form of brain-training in self-realization.

    Our brains are divinely created mechanisms that have the power to create a reality of success.

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

– Napoleon Hill