You’re always selling to someone all the time!

Daniel H Pink“To Sell is Human” by Daniel Pink is an extraordinary book. In it he eloquently states that we ALL are selling something to someone at some time.

Whether we are having an informal meeting with our boss, pitching a product idea to a potential investor, or talking with our kids, we want someone to do something.

We need to move people to action.

So what is our message?

It’s what we put out there to move people to do something.

He offers three questions you need to ask yourself when you’re preparing your pitch :-

1.  What do you want them to know

2.   What do you want them to feel?

3.   What do you want them to do?

Maybe for the informal meeting :-

You don’t have a particular agenda or want to move them to do something.

Think again…   Everything you say leaves an impression.

Think about what you want the listener to know and why.

We’ve all been in conversations when we walk away thinking, “too much information!”.

This leaves us feeling awkward and uncomfortable which makes us want to limit our future interactions with that person.

Probably not the desired outcome you want.

If you are in a formal meeting:-

Give careful consideration to what you’re planning to say :-

1.   Are you communicating exactly what you want them to know in as few words as possible?

2.   Will they feel (the “feeling” part of our brain is what drives us to act) what you want them to feel with how you plan to present the information?

3.   And then are you able to specifically articulate what you want them to do next?  Make it easy for them to act…

Be concise and specific.

Next time you have a conversation, think through these 3 items before you speak.

This is a process of engaging your rational brain and improving emotional intelligence.

Also, is there someone in your office who is very effective at moving people to action?

See how they do it, and model yourself on that.