career_1450802194Whenever I am offering advice to someone who is looking for guidance to a successful and fulfilling career, invariably I find there is a lack of awareness about themselves, how they prefer to behave, how they come across to other people and how they can adapt their thinking styles.

The great thing is that once you have this clarity about yourself, it will create an added confidence, and belief that you are the right person for the roles that you choose.

There are 3 considerations for this:

1. Do I have the knowledge, skills and requisite experience?

2. Can I align myself to the strategy of the business and be committed to it?

3. What are the values, beliefs and attitudes I have of myself, other people, and previous experiences, and are they in any way holding me back?

Most people have reasonable self-awareness about points 1 and 2, but have often never really challenged themselves on point 3.

There are a number of excellent psychometric profiles which assess behaviour, aptitude and ability, which start this process off. I use the PDA system which is both thorough and contemporary

Assessment is about “knowing”.

To change your behaviour, you need to leverage this knowledge and put it into practice. This is a behavioural change process we call “Mind Fit”.

Mind Fitness is simply a ‘can do’ attitude linked to performance-focused behaviours.

Mind Fit people perform to the best of their ability in different situations and consistently challenge and improve what they do and how they do it.

The Mind Fit process accelerates those positive changes in beliefs, attitude and behaviours that impact on performance.

Participants choose to stop behaviours that are wasteful and start to develop their capacity to support the business in sustainable and improved growth.

Mind Fit’s Four Main Strengths:

*   Awareness – most people’s ‘opinion’ of themselves, others and how they operate is flawed. The Mind Fit process increases awareness of what you do, how you do it and the impact it has, so that you can change your behaviour, if you choose to do so.

*   Control – people often focus on those things that are out of their control. To improve performance, Mind Fit people concentrate on what is in their control or influence.

*   Focus – to change and improve requires you to focus on what is really important in the moment as well as develop the ability to be distracted less often.

*   Feedback – encourages frequent seeking of feedback from a variety of sources

So if you are Mind Fit, you are resilient, adaptable to change, driven with a purpose, and can connect meaningfully with others.

It goes without saying, that being in this frame of mind will enable you to create fantastic opportunities within your existing career, or have the confidence and increased certainty in yourself to try an alternative career.

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