Who is Ron? How can he help?

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Creating Certainty in your Life

Here at RKA, we promise you that whatever issues you face in your life, be it career, relationships, self-confidence, we will give you the certainty to make the changes that will give you the results you desire.

The agenda for development is set from the insights gained in personal profiling in which Ron has gained a considerable reputation. We have a toolbox of assessments from the best psychometric companies of the digital age. They measure behaviour, emotional intelligence, cognitive ability, and 360 appraisal and feedback. They identify clearly how you behave, how well you fit in and how others see you. This insight is invaluable for understanding values, beliefs, motivation and attitudes, so that they can be managed effectively.

Insight from assessments is then followed on with a process called Mind Fit. Through introduction to the Mind Fit Map, and use of critical questions, we enable individuals and teams to become aware, adapt and modify their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that may be holding them back. This process offers a pragmatic approach to implement behavioural change and provides a platform for greatly improved individual and business performance.

We work with organisations, or private individuals and bring the best out of them

Helping organisations get the most from their people

Ron is energetic and passionate and can engage easily with others to lead and motivate them to embrace individual, team and organisational change. Has great insight into people. Combining professional experience, business knowledge and psychological insight, Ron has developed strategy and delivered impactful programmes and coached individuals and teams, to enhance performance and engagement.

Ron has wide experience of understanding individual motivations, team dynamics and company cultures. Working on many different businesses from working in management consultancy and many different creative companies has created a broad, flexible and knowledgeable approach.

Ron’s background in psychometrics and mind set coaching can identify cultural and attitudinal issues, and implement behavioural changes identified.

He also has wide experience of recruitment, and can work on assignments which demand exceptional cultural fit.

Ron also has worked widely in business development and marketing and can train and coach both to a very high level.

Everybody has talent and capability; the ones who succeed are those whose values match the values of the organisation. Values and beliefs can be identified and guided by me to be adaptable to the business, and remove obstacles to success.

Small Change > > Big Impact

Actions drive us, not knowledge

We are a performance focused business with one very clear aim – to revolutionise peoples’ performance, that of their business and their clients’ business.

We help people to develop their capacity to be personally powerful, dynamic team members and exceptional leaders. Our work is designed to help you and to build your business.

Individuals are not only given the time they need to take on board new ideas, develop new ‘tools’ and skills, but additionally, with enhanced support, make those personal and work related changes they need with confidence.

Our process is underpinned by some of the latest insights and understanding from the world of positive psychology, biology, neuroscience, neuroplasticity and evolutionary psychology. The process is not only scientifically sound but also intuitively obvious.

How many people actual change their attitudes and behaviours and deliver the desired results following training?

We can say with confidence that the process achieves, on average, an 80% positive change.

It will show you how to take control of your own life more effectively. In real terms it offers you the means to improve confidence, build resilience, and generate commitment.


If you want to grow your company, the only effective way is the grow your people


Personal Development

Helping individuals develop to be the best they can be

Once you understand how you behave in different situations clearly, it can unlock a wealth of opportunity to display those behaviours in absolutely the right context and environment. It can also articulate a pathway to make the changes you want to make.

For example,

  • I want to be more assertive
  • I want to engage with people more comfortably
  • I want to be more patient
  • I want to be more systematic, better organised

And so on.

You have the choice to change whatever behaviours you desire, you just have to make the commitment to change.

For example,

  • Will I take risks to get the results I desire?
  • Or will I do anything to avoid taking risks?
  • Am I an introvert or extrovert?
  • Do I feel comfortable making relationships?
  • Am I calm, tolerant, and approachable?
  • Or am I restless, impatient and bored easily?
  • Am I logical, structured, and comfortable following rules?
  • Am I more defiant, prefer to do things my way?
  • Do I keep my emotions firmly under control?
  • Do I let my emotions run away from me, lose my temper easily or get stressed out?

The most important thing to remember

You get more of what you focus on….

So what do we focus on?


Seeking Certainty in an Uncertain Career World

Whenever we are offering advice to someone who is looking for guidance to a successful and fulfilling career, invariably we find there is a lack of awareness about themselves, how they prefer to behave, how they come across to other people and how they can adapt their thinking styles. The great thing is that once you have this clarity about yourself, it will create an added confidence, and belief that you are the right person for the roles that you choose.

There are 3 considerations for this:

  1. Do I have the knowledge, skills and requisite experience?
  2. Can I align myself to the strategy of the business and be committed to it?
  3. What are the values, beliefs and attitudes I have of myself, other people, and previous experiences, and are they in any way holding me back?

Most people have reasonable self-awareness about points 1 and 2, but have often never really challenged themselves on point 3. There are a number of excellent psychometric profiles which assess behaviour, aptitude and ability, which start this process off. We use the PDA system which is both thorough and contemporary. Assessment is about “knowing”. To change your behaviour, you need to leverage this knowledge and put it into practice. This is a behavioural change process we call “Mind Fit”.


We will give you a ‘can do’ attitude linked to performance-focused behaviours. You will  perform to the best of your ability in different situations and consistently challenge and improve what you do and how you do it.

This process accelerates those positive changes in beliefs, attitude and behaviours that impact on performance. Participants choose to stop behaviours that are wasteful and start to develop their capacity to support the business in sustainable and improved growth.

Four Main Strengths:

  • Awareness – most people’s ‘opinion’ of themselves, others and how they operate is flawed. The process increases awareness of what you do, how you do it and the impact it has, so that you can change your behaviour, if you choose to do so.
  • Control – people often focus on those things that are out of their control. To improve performance, you will concentrate on what is in their control or influence.
  • Focus – to change and improve requires you to focus on what is really important in the moment as well as develop the ability to be distracted less ofte
  • Feedback – encourages frequent seeking of feedback from a variety of sources

So if you are resilient, adaptable to change, driven with a purpose, and can connect meaningfully with others. It goes without saying, that being in this frame of mind will enable you to create fantastic opportunities within your existing career, or have the confidence and increased certainty in yourself to try an alternative career.